11 Things Mayor Ed Lee Also Doesn't Understand

At the Commonwealth Club on Thursday evening, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee spent an hour discussing the challenges facing San Francisco. Lee admitted that he’s confused as to why anyone would be critical of the private transit system set up by Google and other companies exclusively to shuttle their employees to Silicon Valley.

“I understand why those protests were [directed] at Google buses, but they didn’t make sense to me because all people were doing was trying to get to work.”

Yeah, why would working class people facing displacement from their homes and communities use the ubiquitous, largely unmarked and unregulated buses as a symbol of the transformation of San Francisco into a bedroom community run by politicians focused on serving corporate interests when it might make a handful of people a few minutes late to work? Who knows!

We’ve compiled a list of other brain teasers that Lee can contemplate when his driver is stuck in traffic between meetings with venture capitalists, technology lobbyists and real estate developers:

[Photo Commonwealth Club]

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Actually, these people weren’t late for work: they work on the bus, ferchrissake.

But blocking the bus is clearly an act of terrorism equivalent to 9/11.

Won’t anyone think of the children?!

It’s The “Offside” Rule, not “offsides”, no “S”.

Just a friendly FYI.

stinkin’ thinkin’

I have no problem with the Google busses, even though I commute via Muni & Caltrain.

Fuck Mayor Lee

Ed Lee does not care about the heritage and culture in San Francisco and is only concerned with getting further in bed with big corporations and tearing down beautiful historical Victorians to build giant massively expensive yuppie lofts for all of the newly transplanted rich techies.