Internet-induced Autism

Tinder Douses Spark of Love

Moral of this story is that if you want to get a cutie interested in engaging with you, don’t try to woo them with subtle social cues but ask them what their mobile-social platform strategy is and then bluntly offer an opportunity to invest in your startup. Or, you know, just hack Tinder to track their location.

[h/t Max Cherney]

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the PROBLEM with that interaction is that it was dark out. no sane man would make an attempt at a holler if its night AND you’re on a bus. she might have wanted it but thats a combination that would creep out 90% of women. 

In this case, it was w4m, but I used pronouns to make allowances for that fact that oblivious idiots lay along a continuum of expression in gender and sexual desire. Unlike Tinder, which as we all know, is Grindr for straight people, so therefore less effective.

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