Noise Pop Poster Retrospective, Tonight at Bender's

In anticipation of this year's festival, Noise Pop is having a big poster retrospective and sale tonight at Bender's.  The details:

The Noise Pop Poster Retrospective highlights the past and present of Noise Pop Festivals: from the eye-burning colors to the minimalist icons of hand-printed limited-edition screenprints. Bring your poster tube because all of the posters are available for purchase! Artists include:

Lil Tuffy
Alan Forbes
Jason Munn (The Small Stakes)
Matt Leunig
Gregg Gordon (GigArt)

Starts at 8pm!

Comments (2)

at this time last year this blog was hating on this festival idgi…exclamation point indicates approval?!

This blog has more than one authors, people have different opinions yada yada. That said, I agree with Sam’s larger point that it’s nothing more special than any random week of great shows, but that doesn’t mean we cannot appreciate the artists who chose to participate.