Herd of Ironic Fauxtesters to March Against Marches on Friday

Proving that irony can still be found in the Mission despite the turbulent times, the second annual SF Fauxtest aims to amuse and bewilder with a protest designed to air petty annoyances, chant against chanting, and generally tease protest culture.  Maybe they'll even stuff flowers in the exhaust pipes of Google buses.

Things kick off in Dolores Park at 5:15pm on Friday, followed by a march down Valencia.  Should you want to participate, there are plenty of fine photos from last year's Fauxtest to comb through for inspiration, but we're partial to this set of semi-serious signage:


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The Merry Pranksters revisited? I think not. This never would have flown in the SF I used to know.

It was a great poet who said “he who laughs as others fight injustice is doomed to laugh alone”.

Yea yea, everything must conform to something from SF’s past right? I’ve been in the mission since the mid 90s, calm the fuck down, jesus.

Seems more like harmless levity than mean mockery to me.

They really don’t have anything better to do with their time? Sad.

Internet contrarian ironically claims others have too much time on their hands, more at 11.

It’s a long time til Burning Man….

I hope those hilarious Google Bus protestors show up!!!

The League of Ironical Hat Guys.

Down with pants!?

More Action/Less Kardashian! Yes!!

Smug and smugger.