Bomb Threat at Craftsman and Wolves Shuts Down Valencia

Details are light, but according to an employee of Betabrand, a bomb threat was called into Craftsman and Wolves this morning (perhaps over the cost of a muffin??), prompting SFPD to close down the block and call in the bomb squad.

We'll update if we hear more.

Update: SF Appeal is reporting that it was a “suspicious package” found on the street, not a threat.

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It’s in front of Abbot’s Cellar, not C&W.

Thanks for the update, was just going off what I was told. Regardless, C+W is definitely using the opportunity to market their pastries

Curious, you were told directly from a Betabrand employee that a bomb threat was called into C&W?

I’ll take the non-response as a “i made up the original write-up”.

I spoke to a Betabrand employee on the street (there was a crowd of residents and shop employees gathered behind the police tape on Valencia at 19th) and also took the above photo, yes.

The point of including the above tweet was to help contextualize the potential source of the floating misinformation. Clearly people didn’t know what was going on, and C+W was obviously promoting the bomb scare as ‘theirs’.

I was in that crowd and spoke to those BetaBrand employees as well (and possible Kevin as well?). They did say that they hard heard that the bomb squad was investigating Craftsman and Wolves. Nothing was said about there being a “bomb threat” or a threatening call.

But don’t let that stop you from “reporting”.

To be honest, they really do have delicious stuff.

No appropriate. Not cool C & W.

Do you work for the TSA or just share their sense of propriety?

I share the sense that when people homes made be in danger of being destroyed, and the police are risking their lives, its not the time to joke about overprice ordinary pastries served on a nice piece of wood. Thankfully, this was only a false bomb scare.

Dear Lord!!!!!!!!
Won’t somebody please think of the CHILDREN?!!

I decline to “share” your sense of parsimony. Save the “better than” attitude for when something real happens. Or better yet, use your better judgment for preventing bad things from happening in the first place. Lighten up a little, and realize the EVERYTHING is something to joke about. If you can’t find humor in life, why bother to keep on living in the first place. Lol! J/K!

Lighten up, those pastries are hella bomb though.

Yeeeeaaaaah … the chocolate sour dough IS pretty damn good. I hear some people even spread butter on it.

Not a patch on $4 toast.

Isn’t that the location of the $10,500 / month apartment listed on Craigs List that was making the rounds last night??

That’s what someone told ME.

That’s the other end of the block.