The Women's Building Explores the High Art of Toilets

The Women's Building recently unveiled a new exhibit of highfaluting shit buckets.  Perched on their front steps, the unusable works of art are supporting LavaMae, a local non-profit that aims to provide showers for the homeless.

Let's take a closer look:

By far the best of the three, this toilet features a litany of dinosaur figurines, a bicycle horn, and other objects that'd probably be uncomfortable to sit on.

This is just a toilet filled with crap.

Anyway, drop by the exhibit yourself at 18th and Lapidge.

Comments (11)

Or is it 18th and Crapidge?

Stool samples?

Duchamp would be proud.

I’m not impressed. In today’s world this defines Banal.

Shitty art.

Enlightening comment. About you, that is. These appear to be promotional tools for a local non-profit doing some good and, most would agree, important work. This “shitty art” seem to be doing a fine job of it.

I think the commenter was offering up a pun, given that disposing of shit is a common use of a toilet.

But way to let the conclusion-jumping thin-skinned San Francisco stereotype within you shine!

When they forced the Dovre Club to move that was shitty.

That furry one looks way too comfy…

What scum said…..loved that spot, dingy and dark as it was. Perfect.