Pushbike Pushes Off

In the closing days of 2013, it seems Pushbike packed up their fine little store at 22nd and Shotwell and closed up shop.  When we rode past yesterday morning, the walls, once decorated with vintage cycling memorabilia, were stripped bare and “For Rent” signs were taped up to the window.

Their website and Facebook say nothing about the closing, but we imagine the location didn't lend itself to much foot traffic.

It's a bummer, too.  Pushbike was a reliable venue for events and fundraisers (including repeated fundraisers for Chuey's legal fund), and it was one of the best shops to get local bike merch around.

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One Less Annoying Trendy Bike Shop

one more annoying douche bag who is either a) a start up tech douche or b) a self entitled over weight loser who never knew had to ride a bicycle.
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Wrong on both accounts, I don’t work in tech and I do ride a bike in the city (but don’t have an holier-than-thou-precious-asshole-bikers-attitude.)

So fuck you, you fucking fuck.

So much new year love on this blog.

Lol! BOOM!

Why can’t KevMo ever say: “they closed down because business sucked”? You think shop owners will want to publicly flaunt the fact that they had a shitty business that flopped? No. Its much easier to cop out and claim “rent” and some other bullshit.

Hell, I’d do the same thing. I wish the shop owners the best in their future endeavors.

This. I liked the store, but the execution always seemed kinda half-ass. You could find good stuff there, but then owner never seemed to know when new stock would be arriving, always an indifferent “well.. I don’t really know right now” answer when asked about anything in particular. Not exactly dependable enough for getting a lot of repeat business.

Because I don’t feel the business sucked.

(Also, they didn’t claim rent or anything. Again, “For Rent” signs just appeared, and there is nothing about it online.)

I didn’t mean to imply that “the business” sucked but that “business” in general was not good.

I actually went here once looking for one of their cult racing jersey’s but it wasn’t in production. It had some slogan about killing or dying - I forget. Cute store, poor foot traffic and lacked some form of marketing. I wonder what the rent was.

So just FYI I’m not associated with PB but the store didn’t close down because of poor foot traffic, or the economy, or whatever. Sometimes people just want to do different things with their lives. That’s cool, right? Or do we all have to act according to what public opinion considers appropriate until we eventually succumb to gentrification or some other overly romantic downfall? Come on.

Thank you!

When I lived around the corner, the place was hardly ever open and rarely on weekends. Not surprised they didn’t last.

I’ve walked by a dozen times and it was always eerily quiet. Not a good corner for foot traffic.