Possible Shooting/Homicide at 24th and Shotwell

An anonymous tipster writes in about gunfire at 3am this morning:

The picture is of the scene that unfolded early this morning, a bit after 3am.

I was about to fall asleep when I heard about three gunshots and a vehicle speed off. A woman was crying out loud, so I grabbed the phone and called 911. Took 3-4 minutes for the call to get through, but they arrived as the call ended. At least one person was taken by ambulance, wasn't sure if they were alive or not.

Stay safe, everyone.

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Let’s make sure this doesn’t get in the way of real problems in the Mission like Google busses and chain stores.


One day all of the hoople heads will be gone and we can live in peace in our glorious tech nirvana. I can’t wait. The same buses taking us to work can stop in Sunnyvale on the way back and pick up our maids, nannies, and dishwashers. It is a dream so close to realization.

At least the tech people who can afford rent are also spending to keep city services alive. Mooches, not so much.

There was police tape at 24th and York as well.