One More "One Less" Sticker

Cyclists have long had a grip of “one less” stickers to adorn their bikes with—everything from the “One Less Car” classic to the post-hip “One Less Fixie.”  Now Lil Tuffy has made a crop of “One Less Techbus” stickers for some top tube levity in these boomtown times.

You can score some for yourself Sunday afternoon at Pop's (noon-5pm), and Tuffy plans to drop a few off at Bender's.  Word is they're going fast, but he's accepting donations so he can print another run of them.

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No thank you. I don’t need to be exposed to any more of your dumb badness.

Fuck off, cuckold.

I speak with some authority on this, when you consider my skin color and the length of time I have lived in the city, and I can tell you that stickers will only be one of many tools used to drive these gentrifiers from our city. Barvo!

Tech Bus hate is the new fixie.

One *fewer* tech bus.

1/90th less techbus, actually.

“Top tube levity in these boomtown times.” This is excellent.

I prefer Tubetop Levity….like Tube Top Hopscotch

Do they sell “One Less Bike” stickers?

“One Less Uppity Bike Rider”

“One Less Jackass Blowing a 4-Way”

BTW, way to fuel more hatred. We need more.


How ‘bout “One less cuckold”

The whole “One Less Car” sticker thing implies that the bike rider has the option of driving a car, but is taking the environmental high-road by riding a bicycle.

In this context, “One Less Tech Bus” makes no sense.

BTW, way to fuel more hatred. We need more.

KevMo *loves* this shit. Remember, assholes who run blogs are attention whores and nothing brings more “opinions” than posting controversial (and mostly hate driven) bullshit.

I heard Fox News is actively recruiting him.

I want to see these “one less” assholes ride their bikes to Mountain View or Sunnyvale. Then we’ll talk.

Or maybe the point is at they have a practical commute between their home and work.

There is a group that rides from SF to (insert tech company here) every morning. SF2G has been around for a while, and it would be nice to see more people join in on the rides instead of relying on the buses.

This is sweet, but 5 hours of commute time per-day is fairly impractical.

I’m still waiting fore the unicycle with the “ONE LESS WHEEL” sticker.

Saw a guy on a mountain unicycle at Pedrosfest with one of those.

One less blog comment-