Golden Era Loses its Lease

I found myself up in the Tenderloin the other night, hungering for Golden Era's vegan drumsticks and the warm glow of cult propaganda on the television, but the restaurant had gone kaput.

I was hoping there might be something good to the closure—perhaps the owners going on to bigger and even better things?—but, sadly, it's just another verse in San Francisco's sad song:


Golden Era will be closed permanently at this location starting Monday, November 25, 2013. We thank you for your patronage in the past 15 years. We will miss you all. Love, Love….

We reached out to the restaurant over Facebook and are yet to hear back.  But according to some folks on Yelp, the landlord jacked their rent when the lease was over and were economically showed them the door.

On Facebook, they announced, “we are working very hard to find our new home in SF.”  We'll update if we hear more.

[Photo by Jovan J]

Comments (9)

Are there any vegan restaurants in this city that aren’t associated with cults and/or new age drivel like Landmark Forum?

Udupi Palace AND Dosa are great for vegans who don’t require the entire restaurant to be vegan. Bam! Back in the Mission.

Big Lantern also holds it down for vegans, and Loving Hut is pretty close to Golden Era. But Golden Era had a certain style that’s hard to match.


No worries. It will be replaced by a reclaimed wood interior bar with artisanal cocktails, made by a seasoned mixologist, and 9 screens of ESPN.

Okay, great, but where do I watch the other 4 ESPN channels?

Can’t wait to admire their use of an old timey typeface and simple bold logo to generate a sense of turn of the century craftsmanship and authenticity!

I hope there will be Edison bulbs and tea candles!

So, has this blog officially transitioned from reporting on the Mission to reporting on Gentrification? I should update my bookmarks.