Fire Rips Through Artists' Warehouse 14th and Stevenson

This morning at 6:28am, Kyle Smeallie alerted us that there was a fire burning on Stevenson Street, off of 14th, in a warehouse that houses Benny Gold, artists, and a few other businesses.

As of 10:30 this morning, five engines remained on the scene, and the smell of burnt wood was still pungent through Civic Center.

An officer at the scene wasn't able to provide any details, but at least 15 people were left standing on the street.  We'll update if we hear more.

Comments (7)

Thankfully no one was hurt. A bunch of very cool long-time residents in this place, couple good galleries, hidden treasure really. Sorry to see this happen.

Most likely the fire will trigger demolition and then condos.

I think you were looking for “pungent” or “potent” or even “persistent,” rather than “poignant.”

Yeah, proofing errors happen.

Aw crap! Nails in Coffins again. SF culture lost. Hope it’s not fatal. Been to great patries there.