Bizarro Omer Travers Serenades the Symphony

Obviously the portrait is not of Omer Travers, the man once king of Valencia Street's buskers and bawlers, but it might as well be.  Had he traded up his swag rags and guitar for a white tux and piano, well, this would be him.  The resemblence is uncanny.

(Also, we've heard a few rumors that Omer has returned to the neighborhood following his relocation to Arizona, but neither we nor anyone we've talked to has spotted him.)

[Thanks Lindsey!]

Comments (2)

Who knew Omer had such a diverse fan base? Omer’s probably soaking up some az sun thinking “SF was ruined by those slaggy dot com wankers”.

The Arizonans are thinking “AZ was ruined by those filthy SF‘ers”