Bay Area's "Highest Elevated Spiritual Leaders" to Bless Doggie Diner Heads, Other Mutts, on Sunday

If you've lived in the Bay Area for longer than fifteen seconds, you've undoubtedly seen this trio of colossal pups being trucked around the city.  But after years of weather, travels, and playa dust, their caretaker needs to restore these 300 pound icons to their former glory.  So in support of the traveling cerberus's $48,000 restoration Kickstarter, they'll be making an appearance in Dolores Park Sunday for a “blessing.”  It all sounds very weird and certainly worthy of your attention:

Join in with three of the Bay Areas highest elevated spiritual leaders as they bless your favorite Chihuahua, Labrador Retriever, Pug, Terrier, Spaniel, French Bulldog, in your life. Of course, this includes the Bay Area's own Dachshunds, the Doggie Diner Dogheads as well! This event is a very special spiritual blessing of the Dogs in support of the Kickstart Campaign to restore the Heads, replace their trailer with a customized “dog trailer” and perform mandatory and expensive repairs to the heavy duty hauling vehicle.

And who's on deck for the ceremony?

  • Sister Dana Van Iquity representing The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
  • Bishop Joey (Ed Holmes), 1st Church of the Last Laugh
  • Philo Drummond, Co-Founder of the Church of the Subgenius
  • And introduced by Deacon Sebastian Melmoth (John Law), Holy Trinity of the Dogminican Order

The event reminds us that this is all goofy bullshit, noting, “The Sisters, Subgenius and St. Stupid are all long-time Bay Area “spiritual” organizations that, regardless of what you might believe about their relative seriousness, have spread good cheer, whimsical confusion and a lot of fun around SF and beyond for decades.”

It all begins Sunday at 4pm and goes until 5:30.  Bring your own dog, or borrow a wandering mongrel to get in the action yourself.

[Photo by Marc]

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I’m really tired of Kickstarter. People in San Francisco will fund anything, that’s what happens when the city turns into a playground for hipster kids with too much money and no sense to save any of it.

The next down-turn should be interesting

People in San Francisco will fund anything, that’s what happens when the city turns into a playground for hipster kids with too much money and no sense to save any of it.

They should learn to be smart with their money like their parents and invest in Beanie Babies and Thomas Kinkade paintings.

This might be your best nugget, ever.

I remember when there were Doggie Diners all over The City.

I just found out that Joe’s Cable Car is closing March 16th. :(

Yeah. I went there and ate an excellent, though overpriced, burger last night. RIP Joe’s Cable Car.

I admit to a bit of Kickstarter fatigue myself, but the Doggies are in bad shape. I did some wiring on the trailer last year and it really is worn out. He is asking for less than the City spent to fix the one Sloat Street Doggie to fix all 3 and get a new trailer.
Also, unlike a lot of Kickstarter stuff, this isn’t a video game or some movie a hundred people are going to see. The 3 Doggies have been making people happy all over the Bay Area for 15-20 years. We should help preserve this bit of uniquely Bay Area history.
Come on out Sunday! Should be a great time. Do you really care about Broncos vs. Seahawks in the Super Bowl? I don’t.

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