And Now, the Video for POW!'s "High-Tech Boom"

After the fledging garage rock group POW! was unfortunately (fortunately?) dragged into John Dywer's gentrification temper tantrum, we were left anxious to see what their first video would look like—and get a taste of the tunes that spurred Dywer to pound out such a visceral press release in the band's favor.

Now we have that video. While it lacks molotovs being chucked at Twitter's office and guitars smashing a Google bus piñata, it does feature plenty of CGI-polished shots of kids gambling and being in a band.  Helluva tune, too.

(And should you want to see this live, POW! is having a record release show tonight at The Make-Out Room.)

[via The Bay Bridged]

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Kinda reminiscent of Devo’s “Beautiful World.” Espeically the intro.

Totally sounds like it, just with different lyrics. I wonder if they are from here or just transplants complaining about transplants.

We all going to pretend this isn’t garbage or..

So much for the punk rock eulogy John Dwyer promised us.

Seems like a eulogy for punk more than anything. POW! can’t possibly be taken seriously as “taking a stand” against anything, except for maybe the art of drumming.

They’re like the musical equivalent of lotion. The mission is still harder than this shit.

does the high-tech future have room for rip-offs from the past

I think this is rad. Tech nerdery is profoundly uncool. This is cool. We win the coolrace . Fuck techies.

You win the award for least persuasive commenter. Useless young alt-consumers like you are the second worst offenders of making SF stagnate culturally. Picking sides isn’t important. Truth, innovation, and contributing to the world are important.