Weekly Property Damage Rundown: Tech Backlash, Labeling Nature

It's been a while since we took a look at the graffiti situation in the neighborhood.  Let's.

Helpful labeling for the aspiring botanist.

I never seen San Francisco's soul, since it apparently went missing before I got to town, but I called the hotline anyway and was told I won a free vacation to the Bahamas.

This is one of the most objectively awful pieces of graffiti we've seen in some time—clearly someone was in a huff to express their contempt for “Betas”.  But “FUCK BINARY”?  We're in awe.

A newly proposed micohood on 19th Street for the taint between Lexington Club and Beauty Bar.

Quite the complicated name—imagine screaming that out in bed?

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Yes, the Mission lost its soul in 2002. I’ll bet that’s a few months after the “artist” got here. It was totally cool before then.

Anyhow, this Babetown resident was amused to see this in the NYTimes the other day. A headline from a *1927* issue of the Christian Science Monitor:

Values Increase So That Only Those Who Can Write Fluently in Check Books Can Afford It

tagging a tree is a total asshole move

Some of us are more concerned with the DPW and Rec and Park demonstrating a policy of city wide neglect of street tree maintenance, followed up by cutting down hundreds of beautiful, healthy trees. All in an effort to guzzle down more taxpayer money for useless upper management and crony contracts.
But don’t let that distract you from your vitriol at a little paint that will wear off eventually.