The McSweeney's Sloth Shop Pop-Up Shop

This electric drug trip of a doorway recently manifested on the side of Amnesia.  I had hoped and expected they were slinging sloths as pets, or maybe were some sort of preposterously pretentious a-lister exotic meats supper club, but turns out it's just a pop-up art piece shilling for J. Otto Seibold's latest book from McSweeney's, Lost Sloth.

Disappointing! (But well played, McSweeney's.)

Update: We walked passed a couple of times and never saw them open, but “Grizzled Mission” comments that they were open last night, selling “books, t-shirts, and baby clothes were all available, and sloth-emblazoned.”

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Just walked by, and the pop-up shopness was not faux. Books, T-shirts, and baby clothes were all available, and sloth-emblazoned.

If Black Francis likes it than it must be okay for my 5 year old niece.

The author is pretty cool

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