Chrome Industries Coming Soon to Valencia

Accepting the fact no one walks by 4th and Brannan, Chrome is opening another bike culture-themed apparel shop at 20th and Valencia, next door to Mission Creek Cafe.  Mission Local reports:

The proposed Valencia Street location would be Chrome’s fifth store nationwide, and its second San Francisco location. At 1,500 square feet, the Valencia store would be smaller than it’s SoMa headquarters, said Steve McCallion, the company’s president, yet was lured to the Mission by the substantial foot and bike traffic.

We have a lot of business friends there, Benny Gold, Betabrand, Four Barrel – all amazing local brands that we cherish and admire,” he said. “We spend so much time there we might as well spend more time there.”

While this makes for the bajillionth bike shop to grace the congested streets of western Mission, Chrome has a long history of offering up their shop as a no-rent events and fundraising space for the cyclists, which we can only see as a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

[Mission Local | Photo by Kennejima]

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Personally, I would much rather have a unique mini-golf establishment run by a local member of the community than another, chain-store style outpost of a company that once was into recycling but is now into selling consumerism.

Since this neighborhood can and should only be filled with businesses I approve of, this store clearly cannot be tolerated!

p.s. Check out Mission Local for the full scoop

Cool. Love their shoes and merino wool hoodies.

Why did Mission Local include this store as a formula retail? , is there an allegation that Chrome is the sister store of my browser?