Weekend Fire at Truck

Around 9:30pm on Saturday night, the apartments above Truck at 15th and Folsom caught fire.  Reader Tuffy filled us in on what he knows:

My friend's house above Truck caught fire [Saturday] night. At least one person went to hospital with bad burns. No word on how the house or Truck fared.

We reached out for word on the bar, building, or resident's condition in light the fire, but were unable to hear or find anything conclusive.  One witness of Twitter claimed that “the entire contents of the bar Truck” was on 15th and Folsom, but it's unclear what that meant (perhaps patrons?).  We'll update this post if we hear more.

Update, from Tuffy:

The fire apparently started with some gas cans and one if the residents rushed to get them out of the house. Some gas spilled in him and he received some burns on his hands and legs but saved the building.

Update II: Dj Honeycutt, the badass who put out the fire's girlfriend is raising money for his medical bills, as he's uninsured.  As you can see, it looks bad, so help out if you can.

[Photo by Rob Brambley]

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Woah! I live on the other side of that block (15th & Shotwell) and this is the first I heard of this. Didn’t see anything out of place the last two days, I even walked by after midnight on my way home Saturday night, and there was no sign of anything abnormal. I’m going to assume that the building survived with no displacement, phew!

All things considered, Truck fared pretty well - some water damage in the back kitchen area, but nothing too major - and they are cleared to open again. Haven’t heard any news on the residents above, but from some friends who were there when it happened it sounds like the Fire Dept. got there pretty quickly and stopped a bad situation from turning into something horrible. THANK YOU SFFD!!!!

Two of my friends live above Truck and were affected by the fire. One sustained pretty substantial burns but managed to save the apartment from total destruction. If you want to donate to his recovery, please visit his lady friend’s webstore where you can buy her amazing jewelry or just flat out donate to help him recover!! http://www.whileodinsleeps.com/store

Good job DJ. Heal up fast!

Healthy SF is pretty good about picking up the tab at the hospital, even if you sign up after you’re discharged.

Dj recently (yesterday)went thought surgery for the burns sustained during this fire. He is a hero and everyone involed owes him their lives. I’m his girlfriend/roommate who was there during the event, he’s quite a brave one. Please send all the positive vibes our way! Here’s to a speedy recovery.
Ps. There will be a benefit at Thee Parkside Dec. 5th. Please join us for a huge raffle and some jams in his honor. All support is much appreciated!

what kind of fucking idiot keeps gas cans INDOORS?????

How about you shut the fuck up broman and have some respect. Someone was severely injured because of this. And as it may not be the smartest thing to have gas containers inside it’s called a ducking accident for a reason and they happen. Now go back to yor tech saavy job downtown and your perfect little white person gentrifying life and stay the fuck out of other peoples business.