TCB Courier Gets a Storefront (And It's Opening Tonight)

TCB Courier, the bike messenger company that began humbly as a service delivering condoms and cat food (among other things) at 3am around the Mission, has grown to a 50+-person company delivering everything from catered lunch orders to flowers.  And now they're taking things a step further by opening a small shop at 565 Ellis in the Tenderloin.

TCB's John Daniel Reiss tells us a little bit more about what they're looking to do with the space:

We have begun a small push towards selling soft goods, both to promote TCB and explore other means of income.  Following the release of our team cycling kits earlier this Summer, the benefits of merchandising became obvious. We have a strong amount of creatives among our rider base and now we have an effective outlet to showcase this.  With that in mind, we are offering a variety of TCB branded items at the store and online, including t-shirts, cycling caps, water bottles, jackets, cycling kits, etc.  We will also be featuring items from local California bike culture producers, such as SF-based Archive Bags and LA-based Yanco & Tracko, and consignment for high-end bike parts as well.  We hope to entertain all friends and visitors that have a fascination with bike messenger culture, but the TCB office won't be functioning as a traditional bike shop, we're not going to be setup to fix flats or sell frames. 

You can check out their opening party tonight from 5-8pm, and they promise “cases of beer will be provided for social lubrication, candy for diabetes and merch will be for sale.”  (And if you cannot make it tonight, their regular hours are M-F 10am-5pm and Saturdays 12-5PM.)

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Love these guys.

But beware TCB: don’t get too big because you’ll have a real hard time getting another storefront anywhere in this town. We love hard work and shit but to a certain point, ok?

What are these? Artisan locally sourced bike messengers?

They should partner with TCBY and offer delicious frogurt from the space.

I’m glad to see that the idiots chatting and slowly riding side by side in a TCB kit taking up the entire panhandle path while others where stuck behind them were probably just posers and not in the employ of TCB

So they’re putting their logo on shit. Ok. Cool.