SF Fire Dept. Now Using Jaws of Life to Reclaim Bikes From Bike Thieves

Pop's describes the situation that forced the San Francisco Fire Department to come out to the 24th Street bar and free a bike:

A bike thief will lock up your bike with his own lock, then come back later and cut your lock off. Here SFFD used the jaws of life to cut off the thief's lock. Make sure you have some way to prove your bike is yours!

Great, now we have this to worry about?

[Photo by Clint Woods]

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Pops should invest in an angle grinder since it’s bike theft central an all. They’d be doing a public service and shit. Yo.

Its creative thieving, but something is seriously out of whack when the thieves are doing that.

the guy who owns that bike is a buster.

Props to the SFFD!

Seriously! Impressive. Note to self: Have on phone a picture of me with bike and sales receipt with serial #.