Everything Is Terrible (This Weekend Only)

Everything is Terrible! is the yearly menagerie of found VHS footage—the venerable clip show of the worse of the worse the EIT curators can find in our nation's trashiest thrift store bargain bins.  Past editions of Everything is Terrible! have unearthed such memorable gems as “So Your Cat Wants a Massage?” and “Soccer Moms Need Guns Too,” and they have a bunch of supremely psychotic clips lined up for Friday night's show at The Roxie:

Comic Relief Zero is a stand-up comedy special that's the opposite of special, jam-packed with the most cringe-worthy set up and punchlines. You'll laugh and want to cry as you watch these ventriloquists, prop comics, impersonators, racists, talk show hosts and misogynists stumble through their “jokes”. And to prove that they're still 'with it' and 'urban', Everything is Terrible! Does The Hip-Hop! A continuous mix of white rappers promoting hamburgers, children rapping about stamps, claymation doughboys spittin' rhymes about crescent rolls…you know, REAL hip-hop! After watching EIT! Does The Hip-Hop!, you’ll never need to listen to music again!

And, as a bonus, EIT is hosting a screening of GETEVEN, a gun and tit-filled 90s vanity movie shot by the a middling LA lawyer, tonight at the Roxie.  The synopsis alone makes this worth watching:

f the Gods Of Holyfuckingshit! were to descend from the heavens and give us their golden nectar, Geteven would be served in a golden funnel — and you would chug every last drop. In 1993, trial lawyer John De Hart traded his suit and tie for a pair of sweatpants and a machine gun, as he wrote, directed, produced, and starred in this unbelievable piece of work. De Hart plays Rick, a cool cop who likes his shirts tucked in and his women turned loose. After Rick and his partner (Wings Hauser!) are betrayed by the maniacal Normad (William Smith!), we go on a rollercoaster ride of unfiltered insanity: drug deals, gunfights, Shakespeare quoting, Huckleberry Finn-inspired cults, Satanism, soapy baths, baby sacrificing and more!

But let's not ignore the totally NFSW trailer, either:

It's worth mentioning that EIT's live-shows are cuss-filled, traumatic, and all-around hilarious, so be sure to shell out some dollars and see this in person.


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Can’t wait to see tonight’s puppets and costumes!