Pop-Up Electric Chaircuts: Now a Thing

In what I can only assume was a ploy to raise money for a Burning Man ticket, Nelson, a barber-cum-noise rocker, plopped down Electric Chaircut haircut station at the corner of 20th and Alabama Saturday afternoon for one of the most befuddled and well-groomed acts of performance art we've seen in some time.

The concept was simple: in exchange for audience tips, Nelson would tape some fucked bastard's eyes and mouth shut, properly secure him to a folding chair, then go to work on his mop with his electric razor hooked up to an amplifier.  The result was loud and weird:

This blogger unfortunately did not stick around long enough to listen to the screams of horror elicited from the victim's new do, but we can only assume the absence of mirrors was deliberate.

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I’m just really thankful that my tent wasn’t next to his.

Met him at a warehouse party the night before. Very cool guy. Fun fact: He charged $150 a cut in Manhattan before moving to Davis so his kids would have a yard to play in.