New York-Style Yarn Bombing Comes to Divisalencia

Divisadero, always biting post-hip Valencia's style, is now host to a crocheted mannequin staring longingly at Bean Bag Cafe. How whimsical!

The bench-perched fright was fabricated by famed New York yard artist (yartist?) Olek, who also gave the knit treatment to the Doggie Diner Heads while in town.

Of course, this means we're going to start seeing yarn bombers covering actual humans in excruciatingly itchy outfits any day now, which just seems rude.

[Photo by The Fuck?]

Comments (7)

What does it say about me when I assumed it was some sort of performance art and it was a real person covered in yarn? I commented to another passerby “they must be cold” to which he kind of looked at me funny and said “ think it’s real?”

I thought the opposite, “wow, that must be really hot”….

It was a brisk night.

Yarn burns really good.

Really well.

Welly good?

The yarn is probably acrylic (the cheapest fiber), so not at itchy as you might imagine. ;)