Monday is Soul & Bowl Night at Mission Bowling

I have fond memories of disco bowl nights from high school—those air-conditioned evenings when all the cool kids would sneak beers in the parking lot and I'd just bowl.  Sure, the music was awful, because disco music is awful, and I never cracked 120.  Also the fog machine left me coughing fits and a weird desire to move to San Francisco.  But those nights were Good Times.

It seems Mission Bowling Club has gotten hip to the disco bowl phenomenon, only updated it with significantly more tolerable music.  Plus, Mission Bowling has alleviated their notorious steep prices with happy hour specials and other such discounts.  From Mission Bowling:

SOUL & BOWL is a curated soul music series that we host every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month, filled with soulful jams and fantastic food, drink, and bowling specials (Free shoes rentals!).

Starting this Monday, September 2, we'll have additional specialty cocktails for the night curated by Daniel Hyatt (formerly of Roka Akor). He's crafting some great drinks like the Sam and Dave and the Juke Joint Punch. We're so excited to try them!

Additional specials include:
Templeton Rye + Tecate $7
Free shoe rentals!
Lots of dancing!

Plus, it's the last day of the Burning Man Rapture, so take full advantage.

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Curated music and curated drinks? I remember when being a curator was something really cool.