Bender's Unveils Yet Another Rad Logo

When will this make it onto a t-shirt? (Not soon enough.)

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I think the word you’re looking for here is homage.

It is a design trope that goes back to the 1970’s possibly the late 1960’s.

Having endured the AOR of KLOS in workplaces, that seems odder still.


It’s from the late 70s/early 80s. Typically, it was just a plain, sans-serif font. In ‘82, I remember having an Iron Butterfly and KLOS stickers. They were pretty much everywhere in LA and spanned bands from
various genres from the grateful dead to devo but I think he bulk of then were 70s heavy metal and classic rock.

I didn’t know Benders is a gay bar

San Francisco station KSFX also used the same design for their stickers.

it’s been everywhere. I think I have a Tenacious D Patch in that style from my brief tenure as a person who did a terrible job folding T Shirts in a Hot Topic so I could buy the entire store with employee discounts.