Beauty Bar Imposes $500 Charge for Twitter Employees

At yesterday's “Lyft & Uber Support Group” meeting (??) at Beauty Bar, the staff instituted 100x surge pricing for all employees of San Francisco's premier bird-branded start-up—a pretty bold action considering “Barbie's Malibu Beach House” was deemed “neighborhood enemy number one” by the Mission Yuppie Eradication Project during the last quasi-class war.  I guess it's all hunky-dory between the torch-and-pitchfork crowd and Beauty Bar now?

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The only thing keeping the Beauty Bar from being the Jack Spade of libations is the 8 bars aren’t owned by a formula cocktail empire like Bennigan’s.

they aren’t actually owned by the same people anymore- and there worse offenders than them anyway, like the people who own all the thieves bars, or the Dr. Teeth and Yuppie Mayhem. The BB empire split up a few years ago, when the Arrow was still part of the union.

But yeah, its amazing how Beauty Bar which is still a terrible place has been so thoroughly replaced as the root of all evil by nearly every other bar.

Truth. Beauty Bar is terrible, but so many new even more terrible places have opened up that they have really raised (lowered?) the Terrible Bar bar.

I’m curious what you places you consider to be terrible. I’m not disagreeing with you, just curious. Any suggestions?

oh, and maybe, what is it about these places that makes them terrible?

Gosh, how long do you have? Well, actually, *I* don’t have enough time to go into the number of terrible places and a detailed list of WHY they are terrible.

Don’t mind Herr Doktor,
He’s just a Mission grump who only posts negative things here.

Exactly. You’ve totally got my number. I never ever post anything positive.

I guess I don’t get out enough, because I was shocked to walk by there this weekend and see they had people lined up behind a velvet rope and a guy in a “security” baseball hat. I don’t remember that being true years ago.

Beauty Bar was enemy #1? That really puts everything in perspective.


(note: I am from Wisconsin. But I moved here six months ago. So, I have roots here. Plus, it’s judge or be judged, amirite?)

fuck off

Right on! I agree! Who are we telling to fuck off again? The man. I bet it’s the man. Fuck off, the man! Yeah? I am fitting in, right?

Hear, Hear! I endorse all of this.

Except you’re being sarcastic, and I’m serious.

Hey, man, you don’t have the community cred to tell me whether or not I am being sarcastic. Or maybe you do. Whatever, fuck it.

I actually that’s kinda funny. *hate-free comment*

Also known as “the narcissism of small differences”

I guess the writer of this article has never been to the excelsior or bayview or the part of the city where all the streets have country names. But I understand the point he/she is making.

To be truly “normal”, you must doubt your normalness. Put that in your bowl and smoke it, you ladder-yanking poser!

Booty bar is dope fer happy hour. Ya’ll just ain’t seein it. Freals.


They have a happy hour? They don’t open til 6.

I’ve been hearing that their DJ nights have been getting better, which might also explain the velvet rope thing that started a few months ago…