Bay Area Bike Share Ready For Use!

Bay Area office drones got to watch as city employees filled up the racks of our long-awaited bike share program, and word on the street says the program's ribbon-cutting is going down right now at the Caltrain Station.

For more info on these fine-looking 44-pound all-purpose monsters, SF Mag has a good look at how BABS works.

[Second photo by keekr]

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sound the trumpets and let the shit show that the bikes lanes are to become, BEGIN!

why do they have to be so heavy?

According to the pamphlet they sent out, the bikes are built to withstand “heavy usage.” But also I bet the built-in generator adds some weight.

Generators for the locking/tracking chips?


Why are there like 10 of these things within a 5 block radius?

Check out that headset fork interface (?)!

I’ve always wanted to ride a “girls” bike and not be shunned for it - let alone a sea foamed.

I wonder if this means there are going to be more foo’s screwing around in the bike lane.

Can’t wait for the Eddie Roman video of somebody thrash/hacking one of these.

It’s pretty cool.

Why care about those who would shun you for riding a girls bike? Unless you’re shunning yourself, in which case, emancipate thyself, monsieur manliness.

I wonder how long it will be before a vehicle slams into them.