Babysitting Startup Advertises Outside of Local Sex Shop

Excuse the grainy picture, but right there is a Mini Cooper parked outside of Good Vibes Dong Shop, slathered in stickers reading “No Baby On Board” and propping an app that is effectively Task Rabbit for people you entrust not to throw your crying monster down the stairs.

Not sure if this is targeted advertising or pure coincidence, but I love it either way.

(Side note: has anyone else been noticing the drastic uptick in startups parking billboards in the Mission's bike racks, parking spots, and in front of fire hydrants? I'm guessing it's only a matter of time before the city looks to ban those too.)

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seems perfectly logical and one of the primary functions of a babysitter, allowing parents to fuck away from their kids.

Would be great if the city enforced some kind of fee for leaving an ad at a bike rack. I’m tired of the eye sores.