Amphibious Tour Company Declares SoMa San Francisco's Worst Neighborhood

DNA Lounge owner and SoMa resident Jamie Zawinski recently noticed a bold statement quacking from the Ride the Ducks tour busboat:

The duck boat tour just rolled under my window, megaphone-shouting that “SOMA IS THE WORST NEIGHBORHOOD IN SAN FRANCISCO!”

This is the second time that's happened, so I guess it's an official part of the script, not just editorialization.

This is potentially a good or bad sign for the Tenderloin/Mid-Market area: either Gavin's Magnificent Mid-Market Miracle has lifted the TL from the pits of the mallard neighborhood shit list, or worse, they've just pushed the area out of mind completely.

[JWZ | Photo by Steve Rhodes]

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Having lived in Pacific Whites,The Mission,Lone mountain,Inner Richmond and in Little saigon and had the great opportunity to caretake for a condo at 6th and Howard for a summer, I think this is off(Although not to far off) Soma is a big Hood,but sparsely populated. This is good and bad.It is also used as the superhighways of SF. But really what keeps Soma from being a total shit hole is Brainwash and SightGlass coffee.
To Be the WORST hood all depends on your world view I guess. The worst hood to me is the hamster cage condos of Mission Bay. So Dry,so lacking of any life. Or maybe the north side of the city that so wants to be Walnut creek. To others,it could be the Bayveiw or even Mission.

We like to ride along the boat/truck and give a nice healthy “Quak Quak!” and wave. The guy usually says”Hey look its a bird!” and we scream out “Make sure you all rent bikes to really see the city!!”

On side note: Notice the shielding that the duck boat has over the rear duly wheels? Why can’t trucks that want to operate in the city limits be required to have these installed for the safety of Peds and Cyclist? In light of the recent deaths this is something that should be considered. Cheers

Saw them talking shit on the folks in GG Park near Stanyan yesterday, all a part of the tour.

Are you saying that San Francisco Duck Tours is guilty of spreading base canards?

last week I was on inning these tours. On mine they said it WAS but was now one of the most desirable since the addition of the ball park and other things.

Sounds like they might need to do some training.

The Marina is the worst neighborhood in San Francisco.

Hunters Point is the worst neighborhood in SF

There are so many things I hate about living in SOMA. Most of the streets smell of piss & shit, the neighborhood is full of panhandlers and the AT&T park crowd is obnoxious. At least TL has some charm and nice architecture. SOMA is ugly & industrial.