Supervisor Campos Issues Senator Yee's Statement on BART Strike

Because Uptown Almanac is An Esteemed Source of Political Journalism (or something), our inbox is flooded with a torrent of statements and press releases from various politicians and other such humanoids.  Most are forgettable, gutless platitudes that only a middling Democrat could possibly grind out.  However, yesterday's series of statements on the BART strike carried with them a distinct feeling of déjà vu.

Take Senator Leland Yee's statement, dumped out around noon yesterday:

“I stand with BART employees in their efforts for a fair contract. BART Management needs to understand the importance of worker safety and get back to the table and negotiate in good faith. A quick, fair resolution to this conflict is in everybody’s best interest.”

Then, a hair over four hours later, Supervisor Campos churned out a nearly identical quote—some segments ripped off in their entirety:

“I support the efforts of BART employees to secure a fair contract. BART Management needs to get back to the table and negotiate in good faith. BART management also needs to address the workers’ crucial safety concerns. A fast and fair resolution to this conflict is of the utmost importance to the entire Bay Area community. Riders need a dependable public transportation system and workers need a safe workplace.”

Is it plagarism? Lazy regurgitation of party talking points? A simple #oops?

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This is standard “play it safe” laziness.

And the usual number of fucks were given: Zero.

The strange choice to capitalize the M in “management” seems like a giveaway that this was copy/pasted.

They share the same political consultant.

Both of them are sucking up the taints of unions so they can hustle them for campaign dollars next year. Yee and Campos are two examples of why this town continues to have bad leaders ruining our City. To Hell with both of them.

Does it ever bother you being so wrong?


I meant that as +1 to njudah. Not to derdoktor

It’s ok, you can be retroactively just as wrong as njudah. You’re allowed.

Glad to see that Sup. Campos has come down firmly on the side of the workers.

I’m glad all those BART workers are going to make bank while costing everyone else lots of $$.

So fucking pathetic to see the number of anti-worker feebs trolling even here. I’ll never understand the fuckwads who want us to level DOWN instead of level UP.