Jello Biafra to do DJ Pop-Up at Oldie's Night

If you're like me, you scroll right past the low-rent and low-effort promotions hawked on Mission Mission, but this week's blast for Primo's Oldie's Night is worthy of everyone's attention: former Dead Kennedy's frontman and Green Party presidential candidate Jello Biafra will follow in John Avalos footsteps and guest DJ this week's edition of Oldie's Night.  And since Jello grew up when Oldie's Night material dominated the radio charts, we trust it'll be a helluva show.

Anyway, its admission is priced at Not Nearly Enough and goes down at 9pm this Friday at Knockout.

RSVP and invite your oh whatever…

[via Mission Mission]

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Jello who?

Bill Cosby ruined Jello for me.