Window Shopping Change

As you have no doubt seen/heard/read/watched, The Developers have begun the demolition that'll precede the construction of an eight-story '70s bowling sign-looking condo project.  Allegedly, the tear-down alone will take an entire month, because breaking shit is hard.  And whether or not you agree that this development is a good thing or not, at least we can all agree it'll give us a month of solid photography?

[Photo by Mission Local]

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Great, more yuppie douchefucks. Small plate deez nutz bitches.

Yeah, building a gigantic eyesore of a luxury condo tower. Alas.

At least we’re getting a restored New Mission Theatre out of the deal, though.

Tower? Please, its 8 stories

Exactly. Which makes it a tower, considering almost everything else in the area is 2 - 4 stories tall.

Giant Value was an iconic storefront on mission street, those letters will be missed. Mission has lots of iconic facades, sadly a lot of them are vacant or turned into parking lots (our beautiful theaters, empty, decaying, etc).

Honestly, I never saw Giant Value as a very valuable business, that you know, sums up the culture or character of the city or something. Maybe i’m wrong, but wasn’t it just a discount store that sold cheap Chinese wares, many of which are limited use, most of which end up in the great Pacific garbage patch? Granted it did service the low-income community with affordable items, so it definitely had ‘value’ (heh) in that regard, but there are still dozens of other stores on Mission which do exactly the same, no?

While I’m DEFINITELY not a fan of sanitized, overpriced, condos for rich people I think we would all be better off if some of the rich people who want to live here had an easy condo to move into that’s not way the fuck down by the ball park, so they didn’t move into the places WE live in, right? And I only feel this way because I don’t believe there are enough of them to turn Mission street into one giant yuppie condo. I don’t think we’ll see Mission st. sanitized for decades, if ever.

Agreeing. Giant Value is an iconic space, but as you say it didn’t add much that isn’t replicated by businesses that I’m expecting to continue. Things change.

I’m wondering if a lot of the traffic blocking construction is going to be happening on Bartlett or on Mission Street?

Bartlett is being repaved and streetscaped soon, so I’m sure there’ll be construction on both sides.

i’m happy to see more homes for sale in the neighborhood.

Me too. This is over 100 *new* places to live that didn’t exist before. Apartment rents and condo sale prices are crazy since so many people are competing for the same places.

And we’re getting an awesome Alamo Drafthouse theater. Good theater businesses that enrich our culture moving into our abandon Mission st theaters is a GOOD thing.

Movie theaters don’t enrich culture. Movie theaters don’t enrich culture. You’re the problem with Liberal Arts degrees.

Cite your sources, please.

Cinema absolutely enriches culture. Claiming otherwise is just absurd.

The Internship - a landmark document Western Civl will proudly look back upon. Lets see what else they show? Superhero flicks and a zombie movie. Maybe they’re showing Frances Ha? No but can I interest you in White House Down? Ahh the calming and civilizing effects of culture.

icon icon icon

I genuinely do not get the appeal of these near-derelict buildings and structures, that people here can’t write enough eulogies for.

The only reason - and it’s starting to sink in now - that young white people of a certain economic class beset by the economic turmoil of the past decade seem to take to this sort of unremarkably mediocre architecture and surroundings is that it lends a certain mystique to an otherwise dilapidated, low-rent tenements.

You have to an appetite for contrived opinions to find the peeling Victorians actually appealing and worthy of preservation.

Save for 0.75%, the rest should be candidates for demolition. They are hideous by the standards of any cosmopolitan city.

They neither have grandeur nor are they of unimpeachable workmanship.

I am sure this will on deaf ears, here.

To the small coterie of level-headed dwellers, who visit this blog, stay put.

Nothing shall change the environs of this city unless you put roots here.

But you did excellent and demonstrating why you don’t get it. You are making progress.

This just seems like a self-serving response.

Yup, you’ve definitely proven that you don’t get it.

(you fucking Philistine)

I’m not glad you moved in with your elitist attitude. I look forward when you move to a place with new buildings that meet your standards. I’m thinking Qatar.

To the tumbrils.

Keep the mission shitty!

I see you’re doing your part by sticking around