Trailer For Woody Allen's Upcoming Movie Shot in SF, Blue Jasmine, Released

Based on the trailer, it's definitely a Woody Allen movie (that is, overtly romantic and possessing a 40% chance of being watchable).  But it features lots of familiar Mission settings, calls Louis C.K. a loser, and includes a bunch of interior shots filmed above 20 Spot on 20th and Lexington.  Enjoy:

[Thanks, Grizzled Mission!]

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AND Andrew Dice Clay!!!

It actually looks kind of bad :(

Streetcar Named Desire?

What fermata said and I think its looks better than he’s last flicks even though those movies were garbage.

One of his last flicks was “Midnight in Paris” which pretty much rocked…so I’m thinking good thoughts about this one.

taste is subjective, but I’d hardly call watching Owen Wilson do a Woody Allen impression for almost 2 hrs ‘rocking’

This. Except I could only sit through about 20 minutes of said impression.

Why did he feel the need to populate his version of San Francisco with East Coast stereotypes?