EPIC FAIL: BuzzFeed and Ben & Jerry's Peddle Winless Pandericle on Dolores Park That Makes Us :-(

Meme blog-cum-advertising agency BuzzFeed recently teamed up with .~zAnY~. ice cream maker Ben & Jerry's to promote their brands on the backs of Dolores Park.  While they get some things right (there are slip-n-slides! and bubbles! and OMG alcohol!), this didn't meet the standard of journalistic excellence we've come to expect from BuzzFeed.  They suspiciously forgot to mentioned the park's proximity to Bi-Rite Creamery, improperly identified the truffle guy as distributing “chocolatey goodness,” their fact-checkers missed that the reference is “17 Reasons Why” and not “18 Reasons,” and the “best dog” was not, in fact, the park's best dog.

Shameful stuff, really.

Of course, the real hit comes in at lucky number 13, where we see local celebrity Frank Chu in a place that looks absolutely nothing like a fucking park:

Anyway, I'm not going to even link to “18 Reasons Why Whatever Corporate Suck-Ass Wrote This Should Throw Themselves In Front of a Speeding Google Bus” out of respect for poor Dolores, but I cannot help but be reminded of one man's sage advise to newfound Mission residents: “Don't be a fucking douchebag.”

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Cool, I just sent an invoice to BuzzFeed for using my photo of Frank Chu. Thanks Kevin :-)

Somehow when I think of Dolores Park and ice cream, Ben & Jerry’s isn’t the brand that comes to mind.

Maybe the 18 Reasons is a pitch to Bi Rite, since Sammy also runs the non-profit of that name.

Also, that list is depressingly redundant.

U R Smugz

For the record, I have never seen Frank in Dolores park. Ben and Jerrys just lost a fan.

he’s been there at least once and a gust of wind caused him to drop his sign on my friends head. I almost took it because i covet those signs. shoulda just asked him for it.