"Crazy Legs Howard" And Other Assorted Drawings From the Oakland Coliseum

Michael Morgan's “Sketchball” comic is only a few games into the A's season, but the results thus far as been promising.  Here's what he had to say about the portrait above:

If there is one thing that fans on both sides of the Bay can agree on, it’s that Crazy Legs Howard is the best concessioner in the world!

No doubt. (And if you haven't seen Crazy Legs dance at a Giants/A's/SF Bulls game before, behold the glory of a 69-year-old rad dude working the crowd:)

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We know Howard personally and this man works his ass off. Hats off to him. Great Comic. Can you do one of Stacy Samuels? The Banjo man. He and Howard have been friends for 30 years! Keep up the good work.Cheers