Terrible…go back to Marin!

“Terrible…go back to Marin!” — this may as well be the headline for every Uptown Almanac post, but this time, it's apropos.

Some heroic Martin Luther type saw fit to deliver this “One Thesis” to an Earl-emblazoned garage door, decreeing that the dark ages of street art have no place in SOMA.

Zero stars!

Zero stars!

Not in our backyard.

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never forget

good Martin Luther reference, but “apropos” doesn’t mean what you think it means.

huh? The usage is correct.

Omitting a clear photo of the entire graffito was kind of thick, though.

It’s a pretty big piece - an entire garage door. If you step back enough to capture the whole thing, the note is too small to read. But trust us, you’re not missing much.

thug life.

Wait, who switched the suburban-insult call out from Walnut Creek to Marin?

True, even the insults are going upscale.

Dead Kennedy’s said it better in Moon over Marin.

‘I strap the gas mask on my head. Oh my beach is nice….’ As an East Coaster, I knew more about California geography at 13 than my home state thanks to Dead Kennedys and Zappa lyrics.

Hear, hear.

dude’s from texas actually…