Statement from Adobe Books on Their Eviction

Adobe just shared this in our comments:

Dear Friends of Adobe,

Despite completing a successful fund raising campaign, our attempts to negotiate a new lease with the landlord have not reached a conclusion that allows us to stay in our 16th Street location. Unfortunately, we have received notice that by June 15th, we must leave our home of almost 25 years. The new tenant may or may not be Jack Spade - we can’t officially confirm.

San Francisco, the Mission, and 16th Street are in a constant state of flux and growth. We must deal with this financial and cultural reality as it is. Adobe though is much more than the storefront: it is a community, an experience, a gallery, a living room, a conversation, and a new friend (plus a fantastic place to buy great used books!).

When our core Adobe group began meeting almost a year ago, our ultimate goal became our long-term survival. In order to survive we must move on. Currently, we are working with a commercial broker to identify new spaces that might be a good fit for a new store. We have developed a set of criteria; once we find a place we will move forward. We are optimistic, as well as patient. The funds we raised are in the bank. They will be used to keep the life and culture of Adobe alive.

We will keep you posted as to our progress. If you see a space under 2000 square feet.. give us a shout!

Keep the faith. We love you.
Adobe Books

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Buy a building in Bayview or Oakland.

There’s still an empty spot where Forrest Books used to be. Or where Mission Hiring Hall was.

How many times have they said this now?


if you want used books theres still 4 [specialized] used bookstores on mission near 17th, upstairs from the paint store.