Silly Danish Brewery Still Thinks Mission Kids Are Called Hipsters

Gray sends us this alluring photo of a crowded refrigerator and a quick review of Evil Twin's unfortunately named Mission Hipster Ale: “It's like a typical Dolores kid: brightly colored, proud on the outside, but somewhat boring and bitter on the inside.”

(For what it's worth, the brewery describes their creation a bit more favorably: “This super-exclusive, counter-culture pale ale is dedicated to ‘The Mish’ aka Mission District in San Francisco. It’s an homage to skinny jeans, tote-bags, fixie bikes with drop handlebars and Dolores Park.”)

Anyway, if you're looking for some somewhat boring and bitter beer, you can grab a pack at City Beer Store in San Francisco's 'NoMi' aka North of the Mission neighborhood.

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more like mission .com workers who work in soma and think that there company is gonna make it, but when the dot bust happens later in the year they will just move back to their mid west homes with their tales between their legs ale… AMIBYRITE. i guess that wouldn’t fit on the label..

yeah, calling people hipsters is so over. I made fun of hipsters before it was “popular”.

Hipsters are still Hipsters.

I’ve been begging for someone to commodify my already commodified lifestyle.

This beer has been sitting on the shelves of numerous purveyors for at least three months. There are also homages to the various other hipster neighborhoods of the world, including Williamsburg, El Reval, Sodermalm and Shoreditch. How mainstream of you to just pick up on it now.

I see those three months have skunked your attitude.

Mission Douchster Ale


how about we replace “hipster” with “trashbag”, as in “hey trashbag, those cig butts aren’t biodegradable”, or “hey trashbag, stop your shrieking in the street, it’s 3am….” or “hey trashbag, isn’t it time for you to get back on Bart to the Creek?”