Gentrification Conspiracy Theory of the Week, Divisadero Edition: Bi Rite opens, Da Pitt closes. Check Mate, NOPA?

Just over a month after Bi-Rite Divisadero opened it's tiny, velvet roped doors and pay-by-the-hour parking service, neighborhood BBQ staple Da Pitt has been served an eviction notice. The full rebranding of the Divisadero strip from “Western Addition” to “NOPA” is hereby complete. Haighteration has the scoop on the eviction. Get it while you still can. 

Pic via Haighteration.

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The non-payment of rent is the most intricate aspect of this conspiracy.


Well, it is possible that their rent has increased recently which according to who you ask is a new money tech yuppie conspiracy. PS their BBQ sucked

From the linked article:

Specifically, the suit alleges that Da’ Pitt’s owners entered into a lease in January of 2006 for $4,000 a month, increasing to $4,600 over time, but that they had “defaulted in the payment of the rent by failing to pay the rent when it came due and paying only partial amounts.”

To be sure, that’s their landlord’s version of the story, but a 15% rent increase since 2006 does not exactly sound like a nefarious plot to oust a long-term tenant.

I find it hard to believe they couldn’t pay rent, with how over the top stellar their Yelp reviews are.

This place sucks. I went there a couple times and they didn’t have brisket. Not that they were out. They guy said “Well it’s not done yet. You can eat it, but it’s not good.” And it was 4.30 in the afternoon. Close it and open something decent.

You are bad at taste.

God, that is absolutely heartbreaking. Thus passes away the only good BBQ in San Francisco.


What do you do beside hang out here?

Work, Drink, Sleep, and Fuck.

(First I was gonna say “Your mom.”, but then I decided that was too obvious.)

Nigga PLEEZE U neva fuckd nobody. B REAL, senn dog,

Yes, you caught me. I am actually well-known for the snow-white purity of my virginity.

Whats going in where Plant it earth used to be? In the picture looks like some work is being done there. Tartine? Blue Plate? Dosa? Maybe Limon…. Look out Popeyes…I’m sure that Farnia is eyeing your corner already…. Losing Da pitt is a loss to the community, Not the “New” community,but the community that is being displaced by the Valencia/tech crowd.

La Urbana - variation on the Tacolicious concept: local/organic + mezcal

Hear, hear. Well said.

Da Pitt, Lillys, Brother in laws BBQ #2 that shit is the bomb

guess I’ll be headed to Oakland to get my ribs

buh bye neighborhood hello soul-less white bullshit rich fucks pushing dog strollers and crying about they lexus

Can you recommend a good BBQ place in Oakland?

da pitt is terrible bbq. the restaurant business is an insanely difficult business to be in. if you can’t make a good product then you’re not in business. gentrification or not that is a fact. are you really so laughably deluded to think that the same people who’ve been patrons of da pitt suddenly decided to start shopping at bi rite?

the sad part really is that you have to be pretty lame to not be able to make good bbq in that building. that built-in brick smoker is a thing of beauty - a dream smoker to someone who knows how to use it…

that was the worst part about it. it could have been good if they ever put in the work but it’s always been shitty. it would be amazing if someone took it over and did some real bbq in there but I doubt that will ever happen.

Clearly your taste in BBQ is as bad as your taste in beans.

Incorrect. It was fucking awesome BBQ.

It was not good BBQ. It was average at best. And while some appreciate surly and irritable service, it appears that such an approach mixed with a mediocre product and an unwillingness to pay rent isn’t a recipe for success. Then again, based around many of the posts on this site, success in San Francisco is now something to be frowned upon. The ghetto is dead. Long live the ghetto.

Incorrect. It was absolutely good BBQ. The best I’ve ever had? No. The best in SF? Yes.

You said it was “fucking awesome” which is just absurd. “Absolutely good” is reasonable.

It *WAS* fucking awesome. To claim otherwise would be pure nonsense.

Basically, everything is relative. If you dropped Da Pitt into the middle of Texas, maybe it would only qualify as above average. I don’t feel qualified to make that assessment.