Gently Scruffy Twenty-Something Funemployment Checklist

On Transit is Alia Salim's borderline perfect record of eavesdropped conversations and other such overheards on BART.  While her topics typically involve love, PA systems, and sloppy style, yesterday she captured the plans of a “gently scruffy twenty-something” who recently quit his job, conveniently rattled-off between West Oakland and 19th Street stations for everyone within earshot:

  1. Start going to yoga (again)
  2. Start brewing beer (again)
  3. Start playing guitar (again)
  4. Build up a touring bike
  5. Finish the design for his tattoo
  6. Visit friends in Brooklyn
  7. Get a one-month internship (up to three months if it were “more of an apprenticeship in something, like, artisan”)
  8. Travel for a little bit, probably South America
  9. Learn Spanish (prior to traveling, “obviously; it’s not really worth going if you can’t understand any of the culture”)
  10. Plant herbs (definitely) and vegetables (with landlord’s permission)

I’m so proud of you for doing this,” says the girlfriend, Pattagucci and hiking boots. She adjusts her head on his shoulder to better accommodate one of two whimsical pigtails. “It’s so great that you’ve got, like, specific ideas for what you’re going to do.” Then, incredibly, “How did you even come up with all that stuff?”

Admittedly, that sounds like a pretty killer summer. (But where's “exploring new microhoods” and “taking latte art classes”?)

[Photo by Allan Hough]

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HA! What a loser…I mean, beyond having financial means, and a some productive ideas for his self-imposed downtime…and her, wearing—importantly noted—Pattagucci!? Fuckin’ losers! So glad this heart-of-gold quickly figured that we should all indulge in a 2-minutes-hate over these two individuals.

Keep it up!

microhoods lol he must read the bold italic a lot. maybe he can name some as long as it’s artisan (artisan catfood lol)