Tonight: The Marriage Equality Rally to End All Marriage Equality Rallies

Admittedly, we don't post much about gay rights here at Uptown Almanac (although maybe we should), but we can't help but feel tonight's rally is especially important.

As you most certainly know, the US Supreme Court is set to hear the Prop 8 case tomorrow, and the DOMA case the following day—an issue which even DOMA-signatory President Clinton has endorsed overturning.  And while we're perfectly confident Chief Justice Roberts will flip and side with the bench's liberals, upholding the Ninth Circuit of Appeals' decision and overturning Prop 8, getting out there and showing the world We're Over It is nevertheless urgent.

Event co-organizer and friend of the blog Patrick Connors makes the case:

[LGBT and AIDS activist] Cleve Jones gathered a few of us (me included) to beat the drums and get people to participate in the March 4 Equality rally at Harvey Milk Plaza on Monday, March 25 (a day I refer to as SCOTUS Eve) followed by a march to City Hall (for the 2,000,000th time).

I'm being a bit sarcastic, but this could very well be the LAST time any organizing has to be done against Prop 8. This is the last chapter (knock on wood) and considering that DOMA is also on the chopping block, there is history—maybe even life changing history—about to be made.

So I'm encouraging EVERYONE who wants to make news to appear one last time for the photo op of all photo ops that will hopefully show the media/country/assholes of the world that many many many people are paying attention and eager to end this bullshit.

Of the 150+ sister events being held across the country, San Francisco's is set to be among the largest.  And the event has been endorsed from folks all over the local political spectrum, from Chris Daly to Scott Wiener to Dennis Herrera.

So there you go, folks.  End this bullshit.


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Yeah lets end this sooner than later, I get home around 7 and will not be stoked if there are a bunch of bannana hammocks doing the rumba for equality when I need to find a parking spot….

Just take the Google Bus.

I work for a cheap billionaire. Not the cool kind who throw busses at their employees.

wow, you’ re so progressive. supporting a cause that most americans agree with anyway. While stating after Obama was re elected, “I generally like the way things are going.”
Unfortunate that you and so many ‘liberal’ posters hold this as some great victory, while your gov’t is setting up another financial crash, that will of course result in more mass poverty, early deaths…and even riots. while your gov’t is bombing more than 8 countries at a time, and doing back door negotiations for a massive free trade pact that is Nafta on steroids. While your gov’t is prosecuting whistle blowers better than bush and cheney, while your govt is allowing all the too big to fail casinos to be ‘real banks’ so that there won’t even have to be a vote in Congress to bail them out. While your Obama is massacring hundreds of little kids and moms every month.
But get out there. State sanctioned Marriage is really important. Feel good about yourself!
Ohh. and you love your brown neighbors so much, but danced in the streets last election, or did shots….. Obama has deported four times as many people as Bush (Yes, he has real authority over ICE, so don’t blame it on the republicans like you liberals do), and spilt up so many families….There are huge detention centers all over the country, even as immigration as dropped by massive amounts since the worldwide recession. Ahh the big victory. Please wave some flags!

Thanks for writing, Joe.