Skating Cupid's Span

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selfish idiots – it’s an art installation… they need to skateboard somewhere else rather than damage City property/art installations.

Fucking with an art installation isn’t even slightly amusing.

yeah let’s keep that shit picture perfect for larry and his boats!

Why the hell did the “photographer” feel the need flip the image?

Skater doesn’t want to be discriminated against because he’s goofy-foot.

Amazing how quickly public commentary went from “Cupid’s Span is an ugly POS that is destroying the waterfront” to “Cupid’s Span is the most important piece of art of all time, how dare this man defile it.”

Some people don’t like it, some people do. Personally I really like Claes Oldenburg. But there is other public art I’m not so into but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be pissed if people were defiling it. This brings to mind scene from this weeks episode of Girls, and The American’s in both shows one of the main characters is pissed at another one. However once a tertiary defiles that character the first one quite vigorously protects the first.

File this Art defiling (see what I did there) under: Big whoop.

That picture and I think more importantly, the piece of art, makes me wanna take a big poop.

What’s stopping you, art connoisseur - go poop! That is unless your daddy and little sister are getting it on in the outhouse.

But who’s mouth will I plop my fresh steaming pile of dung in, if you’re not there in the outhouse with us? You’re one of the main components to my performance art exhibit. Unless you actually don’t care about my artistic expression and its growth. Wait. Is that what you’re trying to tell me? :(