Inner Richmond Residents Find Discarded Mattress To Be A Major Eyesore, Affront to Decency

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Now the gentrifiers are trying to end this SF tradition, too?

Hey, that was my favorite of most favorites of spots to go and shoot up at! Now, where is a muthafuka s’pose to go, huh? Is anybody out there there ‘ere ‘ere ‘ere…………

+9 on legibility.
+3 on kerning.
+6 on tracking.
+4 on centering.
-3 on overwrite.

Unfortunately the door to Elsewhere over at Kilowatt is long gone. Besides, it was too small to fit that big ol’ mattress.

Please stop bringing attention to this neighborhood. We don’t need any more hipster idiots “discovering” it.

That is some tidy lettering.