Barrage of Nasty Yelp Reviews Await Mission Cliffs This A.M.

Today the Mission's more vertically-inclined population proves once and for all that, yes, exercise nuts are just like drug fiends: cut them off from their sweet, sweet supply of adrenline and free weights and watch as they waywardly kick the ground, curl up on the sidewalk in smelly warm-wear, and bemoan their indignation through their quivering fingers.  And this went on for 47+ minutes.  Godspeed.

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For me the big issue is that I get ready for work at the gym. I’ll ignore the unnecessarily snide comments (although I’m always jealous of those who can maintain their health without exercising!), but the reality is that my choice was to show up at work unshowered and in my gym clothes (which would be particularly great for my special anniversary dinner tonight), or go all the way home to shower and change (which I did, and which made me very late for work). I think it’s safe to say that many people who work out in the morning are on similarly tight schedules. Also, a correction: They weren’t open as of 8am, so it went on for at least an hour and a half.

I’m sorry, all I could read was, “blah, blah, blah.”

sounds like you need someone to talk to……work at home?

Is this satire? If so then bravo. If not then….I guess I hope you recover from that harrowing experience of being late to your job.

White people sure do like to wait in lines.


Gunny Sergeants suggest, make that command, that their fightin’ killin’ machine Marines kill commie Viet Cong on sight! War is hell, ma’am.

Next time just climb the building.