Watch Some Noted Restaurateurs Waste Multiple Dollars Worth of Perfectly Good PBR

How do the folks from Delfina celebrate the holidays?  By hanging out in Dolores Park not drinking PBR and smashing eggs in each other's faces, apparently.  It's food fight pornography at its finest, but its park cultural accuracy is suspect.  I mean, white wine served in stemware and cream pies?  And where is the weird lady in the jester hat sucking nitrous out of a Cheez Whiz can?  This isn't the Dolores Park I know and love.

Anyway, I'm sure there's like a million stoked dogs savagely gnawing on sauce-soaked grass right now.  Hopefully someone films that.

[via Grub Street]

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“Perfectly good” and “PBR” are not two expressions that should really ever be used next two each other.

that is horrible

What idiots.

I didn’t even watch the video, but by the looks of the two, I really want to offer them both a free 6inch sub from Subway coupon….in exchange for me being able to rub my hot steaming dung all over their bodies. Is that too much info?