Reclaimed Wood: Still a Thing

If you thought reclaimed wood was going away anytime soon, you best think again.  Grub Street has the details on just how reclaimed this wood is:

Over at West of Pecos (550 Valencia), they put up some new, reclaimed barn wood on the exterior yesterday, adding to the faux Western air of the place. As co-owner Dylan MacNiven tells us, the wood comes from a 150-year-old tobacco barn in Kentucky, and they'll be putting the finishing touches on it today.


[Photo by West of Pecos]

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May looks good now, but after it gets tagged to shit it is going to look terrible, and be nigh-impossible to clean.

Look on the plus side – it’ll make the place easier to burn down.

We blame this on the nerd birds. Stop direct flights from Austin!

Any exploited migrant workers from KY’s tobacco fields will feel at home when they apply for one of the kitchen jobs at Pecos.


I’m a little late in responding to this, but want to hear something funny? I’ll tell you anyway.

When I was growing up in Kentucky, the tobacco workers weren’t migrants. I mean, there were some folks who would move from place to place within the state, but they were Kentuckians.

Now a days, it’s more the exploited latino/latin migrant workers you might expect. Except for the exploitation, I’m not expressing any positive or negative opinion about this, I just think it’s an interesting phenomenon.

Here’s some discussion:…

Your mom sure knows how to reclaim some wood…

My mom sure knows how to reclaim some wood…..hey, wait a second! Mom, stop that! It’s embarrassing :(

Looks better.

Recycling: It Didn’t Go Away with The 70’s

Oh hippie sticks!

How environmentally sustainable is shipping a barn across the country? Stupid. They’re just copying an aesthetic trend without understanding the point.

A Piggly-Wiggly is probably in the works for Valen-sha Street. Welcome to Kentuckistan-by-the-bay.

I thought the stucco was more relevant to the southwest theme. What hath Kentucky to do with New Mexico?