Our Mission Predictions for 2013 Are Already Coming True

It was only a few days ago that I expertly predicted every empty storefront in the neighborhood would be replaced with a Chase Bank, so imagine my jaw-dropping surprise to see a baby Chase branch pop-up next to Rhea's over the weekend.  What's next?  Is TacoNacht around the corner?

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Considerably questionable sources(that’d be me) have heard that a TacoNacht will most likely be in the new Walmart/KFC/Burger King Superstore they’re putting in somewhere that this online blog post rag covers. That’s just some sources that I have saying that, though, so you know.

That was up before your post. but whatever.

Well, shit, I guess I need to start strolling down Valencia daily.

Something aboutCchase bank make me hate them more than the other giant conglomerate banks. I think it’s the unabashedly non human look to them, like theyve been sent back from the post-corporate apocalypse.

I’m with you and I think it’s more than a hunch. Their logo is nearly identical to the Omni Corporate logo in Robocop, which is arguably one of the most prophetic sci-fi films of the past 20-30 years. It’s like they are flipping the corporate bird at us.