Disgrunted Motorist Probes For New Ways to Feed Parking Meter

Blame Aspartame was on 5th Street to witness the passion:

so there’s this cool guy fucking a parking meter on 5th street right now nbd

The man was allegedly arrested after the photo was taken.  We're unsure if he was able to finish the job.

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Cum one, cum all/stick your weenie in the meter/don’t have any change? no prob/your penis can feed ‘er/so come on down and park your clunker of a car/’cause you’re now, a meter humping star/not having any money can never stop you/so no need to feel sad, down-n-out and blue/wanking for change, in the meter, is a spanktacular thing for sure/no matter if it’s for groceries,paying bills or just ‘cause your blue balls need a cure!

Another reason to be glad you’re not a meter maid.

It was SUCH a nice day and I really wanted to fuck something.


Is it at all possible to make sweet love to a meter, these days, without every Tom/Dick/and Larry breaking out their stupid fucking phones to take a picture? Just one more civil liberty being trampled on! Thanks a lot, Obama!

Thank, Scott Wiener, not Obama.

Kevin, did you you set the camera on a tripod and timer or did you have a buddy snap that photo of you?

That’s not a meter, that’s a bike rack.

What kind of weirdo would fuck a parking meter?!

He’s likely a Navy Seal that took too much of this.

Clearly a bike rack. Get it right, Uptown Almanac.

That is some rough trade…