Three Alarm Fire Burns Five Homes on 23rd and Capp

A three alarm fire broke out at 23rd and Capp earlier this morning, burning at least five buildings along Capp Street.

Neighbor Stephaine Janney describes the scene (with some photos below):

I heard someone yelling outside and I went to look out the window. This is what I saw from my kitchen - I could feel the heat through the glass. Very scary.

Thankfully no one was hurt, but there's lots of displaced people (one of the tenants is even “celebrating” a birthday today, tragically enough).  We'll be sure to post any fundraiser details for the affected when they come in.

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That’s every San Franciscan’s worst nightmare.

Just a quick google search shows me that there are too many fires popping up in the rear of Capp Street homes…last one was an August 2 alarm blaze less than a block away. If I lived on Capp, I’d review the fire basics (new batteries in the alarms and all that), clean out that backyard….and then look and see if the fire department has any theories about the nearby fires. If the fire investigators give even a whiff of suspecting arson, it’s time for the locals to raise holy heck with the local constabulary….

And don’t forget to GET RENTAL INSURANCE. For $10 a month you’re at least guaranteed a free hotel room and monetary compensation for all your stuff, should this happen!

Kevin -
I’m a fireman in SF, was at today’s fire and was hoping you could pass along the contact information of the photographer that took
those shots you had with your article. Thank you very much.
Happy New Year!