Stable Cafe's Kanye Moment: "The City of S.F. is Completely Neglecting Our Neighborhood!"

Is the Mission like black people in New Orleans during a category 5 hurricane? Apparently! In fact, shit has gotten so bad 17th and Folsom that the owner of Stable Café has been forced to serve hot chocolates and quinoa salads at irregular hours.  Mission Local heroically reports:

The Stable Café is still recuperating from floods that inundated the Folsom Street property twice this year — once on April 12 and again on Dec. 2. The hardest thing to deal with hasn’t been the flooding itself, however, but the inconsistent hours of the city workers making repairs.

People are here every day demolishing, building, rebuilding, painting, and we have to accommodate to them and it’s hard not to be able to tell our clients what’s going on,” said Stable Café owner Thomas Lackey. “They’re different every day,” he said of the work hours for city employees repairing the damage…

I’m really irritated,” he said.

Wait, the city is out there everyday repairing the damage? I thought the city was completely neglecting the neighborhood? I'm so confused.

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I think you would be irritated to if this was happening to your business. Perhaps they mean the city let the drainage infrastructure languish and it has come to a bunch of business being flooded.

While I agree that I’d be frustrated if my business was flooding, claiming the city doesn’t care about the Mission because of it’s past is a little silly. They’ve repaved Mission and Valencia in recent years, are undergoing the planning of a major overhaul of Folsom now, and clearly addressing the flooding problem of that area.

True. Somebody needs to plot out the correlation between hyperbole and frustration. :-)

Maybe don’t build your business in what was historically a marsh and then act surprised when it floods?


Or at least install flood doors so the water doesn’t get inside.

Their sideyard is probably the lowest point in the Mission. Right above the creek.

They did a massive renovation on that place (owner of the building did, anyway) and it looks great. Just… side yard basically below sea level. Sorry, man, sorry.


Sounds like people living in tornado alley complaining about the wind.

I was one of their clients the other day and it took them forever to take my espresso order. It was a good shot though.

So it’s just one hour that is inconsistent? That doesn’t sound too bad.